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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Angethi  Posted by Hello

Mobile Photos Using the new Nokia Communicator from my uncle in Dubai Posted by Hello

Happy.... Posted by Hello

The Women Gang .My mother and auts having fun at the party Posted by Hello

Dancing Away  Posted by Hello

Bindu and myself in the new year party Posted by Hello

New Year Fun .My cousins having fun in the new year, possibly my last new year in Hyderabad for some years now. Posted by Hello

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Puzzle Suhit Posted by Hello

BPO Digest Launch The launch of and my first encounter with media. You can see an inteview with a TV Channel and the dark photos are the presentation to the business press in the evening of the launch. You can see Sri Hari, Hari Dasari, Sagar and other partners of Bpodigest in the photos. The main tech guy Ram Dhan could not attend the launch. Posted by Hello
Last Dinner in Bombay .The previous collage was made with Picasa 2. A few friends in Bombay at our place for dinner Posted by Hello

Last Dinner Collage  Posted by Hello

This is my Photo Blog. I am using Picassa, Hello and Blogger to create this blog. Wow! The simplicity is amazing.  Posted by Hello